The WiiUmadGamers show Ep.1 The Road Ahead

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The first ever WiiUmadGAMERS show. I cover topics ranging from the state of the industry, to the impact of the media and fanboys. Tune in every Friday for new episodes. Are you a gamer? Love Nintendo? Than what are you waiting for?


Does The Gaming Industry Need A Reboot? Yes


We Need This!

Why The Industry Needs A Reboot

First off, I’m not advocating for an industry crash. The massive loss of jobs would be overwhelming and that’s something I would not wish on anyone in any situation. With that said, the gaming industry does need a reboot. Its become bloated, greed fulled, and stagnant. The large gaming corporations are more concerned with taking over your living room by offering you yet another way to watch Netflix by plugging your consoles cables directly into your anus. Ok, not really but when did the hype surrounding a new console become more about the apps than the games? I applaud Microsoft for trying to expand their home console into new territories by offering a new why to approach live tv and letting users Skype while gaming but we buy consoles for one thing. Games.

Speaking of games, why are we now spending 60 dollars on a title just to be told we have to spend hundreds more in microtransactions? Forza 5, Ryse, and GT 6 all make use of this cheap, lazy, and borderline criminal feature. It’s cheap because it allows someone to pay to get ahead in a game while I’m grinding my arse off. Lazy because the developers clearly haven’t put enough time and effort to make their game interesting enough to play through in such a way that gamers wouldn’t even dare consider paying to win. This approach is borderline criminal because how dare a developer charge full price for a game and then expect to nickle and dime me, forcing me to pay for content that should be free. It’s on the disc, right? Then let me unlock it the old fashioned way by grinding.

Speaking of the old fashioned way. One of the reasons why I believe that devs are beginning to nickle and dime us gamers is because they spend so much money putting together overly bloated teams to create a 4 hour experience that is more cutscene and spectacle than gameplay. The problem with this is that when the game doesn’t sell up to expectations, developers doors begin to close. Your waiting for the reference I made to “old fashioned” to pay off, I know. It’s coming, bare with me. So, the object is to release a spectacle disguised as a game with the hopes of making that GTA/COD dollar. Such a compromise diminishes game quality. Example…Resident Evil. Capcom publicly stated that they wanted COD fans to play Resident Evil. The result was Resident Evil 6. Yes…that garbage of a game was the result of a respected developer wanting to chase after the success of the COD fad. So here it is…Old fashioned gaming, or the oldschool days of gaming would see no such blasphemy come about. It was about gameplay and the experience of beating a game. You got what you paid for, for better or worse. In the end it wasn’t about hype, metacritic scores, or exclusive DLC packs. It was about sitting down in front of your tv with controller in your hand and enjoying the wide diversity of experience gaming had to offer.

Speaking of diversity, why is everything a shooter? Are gamers that obsessed with blowing off someones head? Are guns really that cool? I mean I’d rather be able to eat a mushroom and grow several stories tall over shooting off rounds from an AK-whatever any day of the week. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying shooters are bad. I’m saying that every since COD and Years of Boring…sorry, Gears of War blew up the gaming spot, everyone saw their success and wanted to make shooters. That would be ok if there were some originality thrown in but how many shooters can you name that truly do something remarkably new? What happened to pushing the platforming genre? Outside of Mario and Rayman who is doing that? I’m glad fighting games made a huge comeback but I want to see more JRPG’s. Don’t even give me that “Japanese developers are years behind the west” crap!!

Cream Rises To The Top

Iv’e said it before…Indie devs are the future. An industry reboot would force the big guys to re-think their stupid development strategies and put gameplay first. Look at all of the indie developers coming out. They are everywhere thanks to public funding and awesome platforms like Steam. Nintendo and Sony are doing a good job of courting indie devs to their platforms and Microsoft is is Microsoft. Take that how ever you like. Lets be honest, if the industry has any hopes of surviving 20 more years then it cant rely on the likes of EA, Activision, Microsoft Sony or any other big name company. Why? Because their greed and short sighted mindset if left unchecked will run this industry into the ground. They don’t focus on what is important. Gamers! If they did, we would be forced to buy into the hype of these so-called “Next-Gen” all in one electronic device that cooks your meals while wiping your butt, too expensive and comes with a bunch of crap we don’t need or care about gaming consoles! For everything that Nintendo gets wrong, they constantly and consistently get one thing right. Games. They know how to make them and NO ONE does it better. They get it. This is why the Wii U is so inviting to indie devs. Games are why we love this industry and if the indie scene cant breath originality into it then IT WILL die. Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo would be fools to not court as many indie developers as humanly possible throughout this new generation of gaming.

An Industry Crash?

Like I said, I don’t want to see it happen but by the way things are going I’m not too optimistic about our industries future. Screw microtransactions! Screw day one DLC! Screw voice commands, Skype, and uploading crap to Youtube. Hell, screw online multiplayer at the cost of a good single player experience! These are the type of things killing gaming. The industry is slowly suffocating and choking on its own mistakes. Lets get back to what made this industry so awesome and thats games. No filler. No hype. No BS! I’ll take Super Mario 3d world or yes, Knack, any day over Killdrone and Call of Booty. Not that kind of booty, son. I’m a gamer and if you claim to be one too then quit buying into the hype and supporting the nonsense. Tell Microsoft to stick Kinect back up the hole it was crapped from! Tell Sony not to be afraid to put money into Jack and Dexter and Sly Cooper. Mario doesn’t have to be the only platformer in town. Tell Nintendo to kill anything that has Mii, or party in the name. Remind them that casuals don’t care about there product like us gamers who have supported them since the NES. Speak up. Let Capcom know that if they take Resident Evil back to its roots that everything will be ok with the franchise. Or stay quiet and just wait for the eminent “reboot” headed towards the gaming industry. Its coming. If nothing changes, its coming. Peace out. Image

Will History Repeat Itself? I Hope Not

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Screw What The Media Says, Don’t Give Up On Nintendo. Ever !


Nintendo makes game’s that put fun and interesting gameplay ideas front and center over game graphics and system horsepower. This has been the case since Nintendo’s first ever home console back in the 80′s and still to this day no one does gameplay like Nintendo. Here is why Nintendo will be just fine and the Wii U will be a success even in the face of competition from the likes of Sony and Microsoft.



Many Have Tried to Imitate but can never duplicate

“Systems that generate pretty pictures by themselves aren’t selling propositions, and all you need to do is look at the last generation to see the evidence.”


That was a quote from Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime taken from a recent article in Kotaku where the NOA President spoke on Nintendo’s beliefe that new and exciting experiences are what drive the industry not graphics. Guess what? He’s right.

Look at the original Wii. Nintendo’s last home console was vastly underpowered compared to the 360 and Ps3 yet it completely destroyed them in the sales department. Why? It’s Simple. The Wii offered gamers something that they had never experienced before. The Original Wii offered experiences that were new, innovative, fun and refreshing. In the case of the Wii U, Nintendo has admittedly had a tough time conveying the benefits of the Wii U’s Gamepad to those who have never held one in their hands before. On top unclear messaging, the Wii U has lacked meaningful first party content which is the main cause for sluggish sales of the console.

I’m excited to announce that the drought is over! Nintendo has just cut the price of the Wii U, making it 100 dollars cheaper than its closest competitor and has also dropped holiday release dates for many of its highly anticipated first party titles. Titles like Super Mario 3d World, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, and the Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD all represent that classic, patented Nintendo charm and will definitely contribute to moving Wii U’s off store shelves come this holiday season.

While Nintendo’s competitors will offer you the chance to jack cars and commit murder, stab people in the throat Roman Centurion style, and score head shots, Nintendo will deliver something that none of those experiences will quite match. Nintendo’s games often reminds me why i play games in the first place. Often times when i boot up a Nintendo title a certain level of nostalgia kicks in and a smile begins to form across my face. It’s not just nostalgia that keeps me coming back for more, either. It’s Nitntedo’s uncanny ability to keep reiterating their franchises with new gameplay ideas making them feel like new and fresh gaming experiences. What other developer in the gaming industry can consistently put out the quantity of games that Nintendo does with the level of quality that Nintendo titles demand? Anyone? No? I didn’t think so. while Sony and Microsoft are trying to lure gamer’s in with the definitive “Dude-Bro” experiences, Nintendo is aiming to deliver an emotional experience that in the end beyond all of the smoke and mirrors will resonate with gamer’s the most. That experience, my friends is pure Joy. Delivered the way only Nintendo can. Unmatched and unrivaled. This alone is the reason Nintendo will be just fine going forward into this upcoming console generation. Nintendo will be just fine.

As always, tell me what your thoughts are on the subject and remember to let me know what make Wii U Mad !?


This Is What Happens When You Call For Nintendo’s Doom. They Go Super Nintendo !


Is Nintendo Done? Everyone Else Seems To Think So



Wii U Sad?

EA Sports software engineer, Johan Andersson says that the Wii U is crap. EA also says that the Nintendo’s newest console can’t even run the Frostbite 2 engine with favorable results. Heck, most of the gaming media thinks that Nintendo is “dead in the water” and that they should pull a Sega and become a software only developer. Well, here are a few thoughts on why Nintendo could be headed the way of Sega and a few thoughts as to why they could be on their way to absolute success. 




Nintendo is not like the other two console makers. They don’t run with the latest trends in hardware or software development. Nintendo looks at what is currently on the market and tries to come up with ways to innovate instead of imitate. Nintendo is all about doing things differently. Unfortunately it is this approach that gives fuel to the Nintendo haters, allowing them enough ammo for an all out assault on the beloved Japanese console maker. Here is what is unfair. When Nintendo doesn’t do something that fits in line with what the so-called industry professionals feel is the correct course of action they get heavily criticized. When that course of action seems to not resonate as much as Nintendo would have liked then the media crucifies them. God forbid that Nintendo does something that is widely considered “the right thing to do” because that’s when the media gets all up on the big N’s sack and forgets how much they previously hated them. That may sound like a good thing to have the media flip their perception of Nintendo into something positive but not when you consider the hypocritical nature of the gaming media in general. If said it before, E3 is judgement day for the Wii U, not Nintendo. Here are three things Nintendo needs to do to prove that the console is worth everyone’s attention and hard earned money. Believe me when i say that if Nintendo doesn’t do these things then they may as well pull up a chair next to good ‘ol Sega.

1. First party franchises

Nintendo has already stated that a new 3d Mario title as well as Mario Kart, Smash Bros and zelda will make an appearance during this years press events. This is great because Nintendo consoles thrive off of their first party titles. The problem is that Nintendo cant rely only on those. They need to resurrect some old franchises. Where is Wave Race? Where is F-Zero? Will Punch-Out make a return this generation? Also worth noting is that Nintendo needs to absolutely wow us with these titles. And yes i’m talking about graphics. We already know Nintendo will deliver on the gameplay but its the consoles graphical prowess or lack there of that has given the haters most of their Nintendo sniping ammo.

2. Partnerships

Nintendo seems to be doing well when it comes to partnering with other developer/publishers to bring the Wii U some interesting content. Nintendo just announced a partnership with Sega to produce a Wii U exclusive Sonic game. Look at the partnership between Nintendo and Platinum games to produce Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 which are both exclusive to Wii U. Nintendo has stated in the past that there are definitely more partnerships like these to be announced in the future. It would be nice to see Capcom and Square show up on that list. 


Screw EA! Now that we got that out of the way lets talk about the developers that matter. We all know that the main reason the Wii U isn’t getting the 3rd party support it deserves is because of slow sales and a small install base. Provided that things pick up for the Wii U, we should see more and more 3rd parties come on board. Regardless of this, Nintendo should be courting third parties like never before. Myamoto said a few months back that he was doing just that. In person. Now i’m not saying that Nintendo needs every major third party game released on the Wii U. I don’t believe they do. What they need are the titles that matter from the developers that matter. GTA 5 coming to the Wii U would be huge news for Nintendo and its fan base. Nintendo needs to change the perception that their consoles are only for the likes of Mario and Zelda and show the gaming world that the Wii U can be home to a wide range of content from both first and third parties. 

I could go on forever it feels like. I didn’t even touch on things like improvements to the OS, Miiverse upgrades and the Gamecube Virtual console. All these things need to be added too. How about dual gamepad support? 

If people feel the Wii U sucks, its Nintendo’s own fault. They decided to release a console that from a hardware and software standpoint wasn’t ready. Not to mention the piss poor advertising. Its been around 6 months since the Wii U has launched and it’s sad to say that their isn’t much to show for it. Yes i know the console is young but Nintendo has a lot to prove to not just the gaming media, but to gamer’s like you and me. I love Nintendo but maybe it’s time for a new approach from them. If we don’t see Nintendo strike gold come this E3 then i think Iwata should step down. 

As always, let me know what your thoughts on the matter are. Wii U Mad?

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PS4: I’m Not Impressed (Update) I’m Somewhat Impressed


Its the Dual Shock 4, Slash Wiiu/ vita !

PS4: No backwards compatibility. None of my PSN games or save data can be transferred to it. It will likely cost between 400-550 dollars. Sony , you must be outside of your damn mind if you think  i’m buying an expensive-ass console which the only advantages over the current PS3 are better graphics and a damn share button. The arrogance of Sony begins NOW!

No Backwards Compatibility


Hold On To Your PS3 If You Ever Want To Play Your Games In The Future

Ok, so according to a report by http://www.gameinformer.com , Engadget has spoken to Sony’s Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida, who stated that neither PSN nor PS3 game saves will be able to make the jump to the new console. David Perry, who works for Gaikai stated that Sony would like to bring multiple generations of Playstaion games to the PS4 via the cloud at some point in the PS4′s lifecycle. Looks like you better keep your PS3 if you want to play all of those games that you spent 60 dollars a piece on. What a joke.


Better Graphics


Looks Good. Now What?

Don’t Get me wrong, if what was shown at the Sony press conference was actual in-game footage and not CGI or just a bunch of tech demos then the PS4 is a graphical beast. One game in particular stood out as the best thing iv’e seen in a video game ever. That game (or tech demo) was Capcoms Down Under. It featured a Knight fighting a dragon and believe me when i say there has never been anything like it before. The lighting and animation were beyond anything the current gen consoles could ever produce and that counts for the Wii U as well. Will this come at a high price? I believe so since Sony did not even touch on pricing. Prepare to empty your wallets. Not me though.

Sony’s (wrong) Answer To Nintendo’s Gamepad



Don’t act like you think this is an amazing idea. A touch pad and a share button, hmm were have i seen something like this before? Ok, it is pretty cool that you can actually capture and share in-game footage of you paying a game and send it to a friend. You can even allow a friend to magically take over your game if you want. Pretty cool. Game changer? Hell no!

That’s All Folks!

I have a brother who swears by Sony and thinks the PS4 will be the worlds greatest thing since Moses leading the Children of Israel out of Egypt. I beg to differ. Look i owned a PS3 and loved it but Sony lost me when it decided that backwards compatibility wasn’t important for my on-disc games or my PSN content. To make me re-buy them again in some fashion is not ok. Your probably thinking, “what about Nintendo making you re-buy classic NES titles via virtual console”? You do realize those games are like 25 years old, right? The point is that every console should be compatible with at least the previous generation to some degree. Making you start fresh feels unfair. The PS4 will definitely be a graphical powerhouse but i’m not convinced it will come cheap. I’m not ready to spend another 500 dollars on a game machine, are you?

As always let me know your thoughts on the subject and tell me what makes Wii U Mad?

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3 Sony Playstation 4 Predictions


Will It Be Announced?

Sony is holding a press event later this afternoon where it is expected for them to announce the Playstation 4. Provided that actually does happen here are my 3 predictions regarding the announcement of Sony’s new hardware, What else could Sony talk about? Vita?

1. Playstation 4 will feature an all new PSN along with new features and services


New And Improved

I believe this will be one of the main focuses of the PS4. Sony recently bought Gaikai-a streaming service which would allow Sony to make their entire back catalog of games available for the PS4. This would be important for Sony to include in the PS4 since it would significantly add more value to the console as you would instantly have a plethora of games to choose from.

A more advanced PSN is probably a given. As good as the Playstation Network was, it was by no means perfect. Many gamers cried about the lack of cross game chat so it should be a sure thing that this feature would make it in to Sony’s new console. With Playstation Plus, Sony gave gamers plenty of value for 50 dollars a month and i would expect this to continue. Sony might even go as far as taking a few notes from Valves Steam network and allow developers to set their own prices and determine when their games would go on sale and for how long. An addition of this magnitude would give PSN a huge advantage over XBL and would undoubtedly attract more indie support which can only be a good thing for gamers.

Remember how many times you turned on your PS3 and found that their was a mandatory firmware update? No? Of course you don’t remember because there were way too many updates to even keep track of. Sony has no doubt remedied this with the PS4 and at the very least they would allow you to install these updates in the background and not have you sit there and stare at a progress bar for 15 minutes when all you want to do is play a game.

2. Cool Tech Demos But The PS4 Wont Blow You Away Like You Expect It To In Terms Of Visual Fidelity 


Great But Where Is It?

Now this could be a bit of a stretch. I personally do not believe the PS4 or Xbox “720″ will be s significant leap ahead of the Wii U in terms of graphical power. Why? Cost. We are already hearing rumors that Sony will have multiple consoles with a 400 dollar and 500 dollar price tag attached to them. Who can afford that in this economy? With the way everyone is addicted social media interaction and streaming apps and such, it would seem as if functionality would take the front seat over pure graphical horse power this time around. If you watch the Game Trailers Show called the Bonus Round, they had recently been discussing all things Sony and speculating on what the PS4 might offer. One thing that was interesting to me was a comment from one of the guests by the name of Brian Crecente who works at Polygon. He Said that the company that will win the next gen wont do it with games but by what other things the console can do such as sharing videos with other users . I’m sorry but that sounds like a load of crap but its interesting to hear industry insiders discuss this view of what they believe the next gen will be. Will Sony focus more on functionality over flash? Maybe both. My money will be on a console with less of a focus on high end graphics. I could be wrong, though.

3. Vita integration: The Vita’s Last Stand


Could This Feature Be Better Suited For The PS4?

Sony tried integrating the PS3 and Vita in some interesting ways. Allowing you to buy a game on PS3 and Vita and share save data between the two titles and even cross platform play were very good ideas. Sony even claimed that the two could work together in ways that are better than what the Wii U could do with its Gamepad. Nice try Sony. One thing we could see happen is PS4 could be integrated with Vita from the go. Sony could push developers to add Vita functionality to every PS4 game making the experience much closer to that of Nintendo’s Wii U. What? Don’t act like Sony doesn’t copy Nintendo as often as they inhale air. Anyways, dare i say Sony could pack a Vita in with every PS4? Probably not but i think a massive Vita price drop could be in order to get more gamers to sign on to Sony’s handheld. If the PS4 and Vita can unite in ways Sony only dreamed with the PS3 it would add so much more value to the console and make spending 400-500 dollars that much more understandable although i don’t feel any game console is worth that much money. Just saying.

Honorable Mentions 

If in fact the PS4 is a power house for visuals than i believe it will be expensive. Seeing as Sony will want to wow the media and gamers at this event and no doubt steal some of Nintendo’s already fading thunder, i doubt a price will be revealed. Imagine hearing about all of the cool features of the PS4 and then seeing some truly amazing visuals only to have the hype sucked right back out of you by a price tag that requires that you pay with your soul. Not cool.

A Holiday 2013 release would not be that surprising. In fact i don’t think Sony could wait another year to release the PS4. Nintendo will no doubt gain some steam going further into the year and by the holiday we will see the release of the Zelda HD remake. Sony can’t afford to let Nintedo go a full year untested. Especially allowing then to launch a huge title around the holidays without any competition. A holiday release for the PS4 would be good for Sony since it would fall under shopping season. Lets just hope the PS4 has some games when it arrives.

I expect quite a few testimonials from 3rd party developers and publishers. Unlike the support Nintendo had from 3rd parties, i don’t expect their support for Sony to magically fade away in a years time. I think some big guns could show up today. Square could finally do something worthwhile and show off Final Fantasy Versus 13 complete with a brand new title that doesn’t sound completely ridiculous. How about a special edition of  GTA 5? I think every Sony fan would blow their lid if Naughty Dog shows up with a Uncharted 4 teaser. Sony has always had strong support from developers so i expect that to continue with the PS4.

Last but not least Sony will have to address the issue of backwards compatibility. If the rumors are true about Sony using new architecture for the PS4 then it would seem that it won’t be playing PS3 discs. What about all those PS3 games you own? This is a question Sony will have to answer.

So that’s it. My predictions for the PS4 during today’s Sony press conference provided Sony does announce a new console. What do you think? If you want to watch the press conference it starts at 6pm eastern. Gametrailers will have coverage starting at 2pm west coast time and i believe IGN will have coverage as well. Lets see how many of my predictions will come true or prove to be false. As always let me know what makes Wii U Mad? Until next time.


Will The PS4 and Next Xbox cause the Wii U to become Obsolete?


Super Powers Unite!

If you listen to the gaming media than you would believe that Nintendo is on it’s way to becoming the next Sega. With the PS4 and Next Xbox just around the corner, sites like Game Trailers and IGN seem convinced that the Wii U is destined to go out like the Dreamcast. Is it possible?

The Dreamcast Was Simultaneously The “Next Big Thing” As Well As Obsolete. So IS Wii U


Ahead of its time, yet behind the next gen curve

When the Dreamcast was released it represented the next big step in gaming. Higher resolution graphics, more polygons, and online gaming. Great games found a home on the system as well. Games such as Sonic Adventure, Street Fighter 3, and Soul Calibur. So what went wrong? We all no that Sega had plenty of problems before releasing the Dreamcast. Problems witch finally caught up to them forcing Sega out of the hardware business. It didn’t make matters any better for them having three major consoles ready to enter the hardware race and compete directly against them. Xbox, PS2, and Gamecube, All of witch featured advanced tech that showed gamer’s what the future of what their beloved hobby would look like. From having built in DVD players to hard drives, to improved online functionality with Xbox Live, the Dreamcast simply couldn’t compete. What does this say about the Wii U?

Well as of right now i’m sure most people will agree that the Wii U is more of a capable piece of hardware than both the 360 and PS3. Almost everyone can see the potential of the system due to it’s innovative touch screen controller. Nintendo has even taken online a step further with it’s Miiverse service. We all saw the Nintendo direct that showed us a glimpse into the future of Wii U with games like Wind Waker HD, Monolith’s untitled RPG, the Wonderful 101, and Pikmin 3. There is no doubt the Wii U has potential but is it enough?

Sony is expected to announce the PS4 on February 20th, 2013. If you believe the rumors than you would know that the PS4 will boast visuals that far exceed that of witch the Wii U is capable of not to mention the advancements to Sony’s online experience. Microsoft’s next Xbox is expected to be just as powerful as the PS4. It is well documented that many of the big 3rd party games headed to PS3 and 360 are skipping Wii U. EA seems to be giving the console the cold shoulder all together, pulling games like Madden and FIFA for next year. From what we can tell, games that are believed to be next gen have been all but confirmed for Microsoft and Sony’s new machines with no mention of Wii U. Why? Could it be that Nintendo’s console doesn’t seem to bee selling as well as many would have hoped? Could it be that developers just don’t have the faith that their titles will sell well on a Nintendo console that is generally marketed towards family gaming? Or could it simply be that the Wii U will be vastly inferior compared to the upcoming consoles and developers simply CAN’T port their games to it? How about all of the above? So far all we have seen from the Wii U is alot of potential but nothing truly groundbreaking. It’s only been about three month’s since the console has launched and it seems almost unfair to judge it so harshly so early. Be that as it may, it is very unsettling to see such a lack of support for Nintendo from both developers and the gaming media. What can Nintendo do to turn things around?

Games! Games! Games!


Greatest Franchises in Gaming!

Nintendo has the best franchises in gaming. Period! You may feel like you’ve outgrown some of them and that’s fine but no one can deny the charm and fantastic gameplay that Nintendo games regularly represent. Nintendo’s franchises have carried them through console generations before. N64, and Gamecube succeeded because of the fantastic first party titles available for them. The Wii was a different phenomenon. It succeeded because of it’s innovative control scheme but make no mistake, it was the fantastic first party offerings that kept that console on the radar as well. Could Nintendo repeat this success with the Wii U? They have to. If developers are going to skip the console in favor of more powerful offerings from Microsoft and Sony then the Wii U has to be a showcase for the best that Nintendo has to offer.

When the Wii launched alongside the PS3 no one thought it would compete due to being vastly under powered. It was the unique way to play games and fantastic titles like Twilight Princes, Metroid Prime, and Smash Bros among others that kept the Wii going strong in its early years. I personally had hoped that the Wii U could turn out to be the second coming of the SNES meaning it would be a haven for excellent first and third party support. If things continue the way they are currently going then id be happy to see the Wii U turn out to be like the N64. Why the N64? Think about it. The N64 gave us what are arguably considered to be the best games in the Zelda, Mario, and Mario Kart franchises. The N64 was a revolution for Nintendo’s top titles. The Wii U could do the same. The way Nintendo is talking about reinventing Zelda coupled with the touch screen controller we could see a second revolution in regards to Nintendo’s franchises. Nintendo needs this. We need to see all of their franchises make a triumphant return and not just the popular titles, either. Nintendo needs Wave Race. How awesome would a Punch-Out sequel look on the Wii U? The next Mario title needs to blow us all away in the same manner that Galaxy 1 and 2 did. When gaming generations have passed and gamers reflect on the industry, the Wii U needs to be looked at as that Nintendo system that provided absolutely the best experiences first party goodness even more so than the SNES did. Only time will tell.

Never Count Nintendo Out


Down but not out

The gaming media loves to count Nintendo out. They did it with the Gamecube and they did it with the Wii. The 3Ds got the same bashing and now the Wii U. What do all of these consoles have in common? They all turned out to be a success. Nintendo is still here, alive and kicking. I will admit that if they don’t start releasing some major games BEFORE Sony and Microsoft release their new consoles then things will only get worse. We have no idea what Nintendo may have up its sleeve. We could very well see an onslaught of 3rd party support at E3 that will shock us all. Speaking of E3 i believe Nintendo cant afford not to blow us all away. I think Nintendo will be just fine as long as they release a steady stream of GOOD content throughout the Wii U’s life span. I believe gamers aren’t so fixated on visual fidelity that they would completely ignore awesome games from Nintendo. Never the less the ball is in their court. It may be Sony’s move next with Microsoft’s soon to follow but Nintendo can still control the game and i don’t think this is a game they can afford to loose.

As always let me know what you think and don’t forget to let me know what makes Wii U Mad!


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